Friday, December 01, 2006

Reflections on Writing Every Day and W4W @ PC

Look at my first entry. I hate writing every day. I decided to be a good sport and do it anyway. For the sake of the class, it wasn’t worth it. Click on any of the links to my classmates’ or instructor’s blogs. They didn’t do the assignment. For the sake of the class, this blog was worthless. In addition to not keeping up with their own blogs, these people didn’t even keep up with my blog. My stat counter indicates very few hits from the Atlanta area.

Because I had to post every day for this blog, I was willing to participate in NaBloPoMo which as I stated before gives me a sense of a blogging community—something I felt I was lacking before. For the sake of NaBloPoMo, this blog was worth it.

As far as saving my soul, this blog didn’t do it. The fact is I already have a blog I post to periodically. I have a couple of physical journals I’ve kept up since I started college. I’m going to tell it like it is: I’ve been a full-time student for 14 years. While, that doesn’t mean I have a degree in education or anything worthwhile, I can tell you that I know how I learn. All I’ve ever done in my life is learn. I don’t need to do things I know aren’t going to work for me.

W4W @ PC was enlightening. It was an introduction to commercial writing that isn’t ads. That I appreciate. The more I go down the advertising road, the more I think that it’s not quite for me. Not that writing isn’t for me, I just don’t want to end up a slick, skank-mouthed copywriter spewing shit that “stuns” people and stands out for the sake of standing out. And as I continue along this advertising road, I’m learning how to distinguish that which is good and that which is standing out just for the sake of it.

I can’t say that I was excited about all that was W4W @ PC. A lot of the exercises took me back to my English 314 Technical Writing days. I don’t really want to spend time summarizing. Not that I wouldn’t do it if I were getting paid, but English 314 was a breeze so if there’s nothing new to teach about technical writing, then, well, leave it alone.

Anthem, oh, Anthem! I didn’t really care for you. I know that in a million years, I will never, ever want to write for said magazine. I know that in a million years, Anthem magazine will never, ever want me writing for them. Urban is not me. I don’t understand it. I respect it as a lifestyle and the art that comes from it. My Alaskan mind just can’t get wrapped around it. I buy my clothes from JCPenney and Lands’ End. I listen to NPR and watch the Food Network. The people reading this magazine probably think I represent everything that’s wrong with this world.

You gotta take the good with the bad: that’s W4W @ PC. Good: being exposed to commercial writing that isn’t advertising. Bad: tedious tasks (oh, and maybe the fact that the scope of the large project wasn’t very clear until the very end).



At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you learned something from this blog everyday thing. So I guess it was not a total lost or wasted time. I got to keep up with you. And you know how I have to know everything that you are doing! And I did enjoy your never leave behind things. Although your book reveiws....well I am not into the books that you read. Love, Mom PS: I beat KBezzie to a comment again!!!

At 7:00 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Damnit, I learned that Mom has a very comment-competitive streak in her!

I love your not so subtle dig at your classmates and instructor. It's funny because they'll probably never read it. Even though they're supposed to.

P.S. YOu know you want to end up a skank-mouthed copywriter! ;-)


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