Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crisp Fall and Tootsie Pops

I had you all fooled that perahps I forgot to post today. There was no midnight posting. That's because I went to bed super-early last night. I wasn't feeling well (mentally) and I had to get up super-early this morning. So, I went to bed at 10pm. I awoke in the middle of the night and checked the time. It was 2am and I thought, "Hmm...I'm usually just going to bed right now."

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It's chilly here in the great state of Georgia. I had to drop off some ink cartridges off at Cartridge World to be filled. Because it's only really a couple of blocks away, I walked. I was able to walk in jeans, my fleece jacket, and my red "T" hat without getting sweaty. The only time I was uncomfortable was when I went inside. At Cartridge World, I got a free Tootsie Pop. Instead of choosing a color I like (red or orange) I was attracted to the color of this wrapper.


When the hell did Tootsie Pop start making Blue Raspberry? Gross. I ate it anyway, though. I had no chocolate in the apartment.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I had to get up early today in order to take my car into the dealership for its oil change. Of course I was roped into the 60,000 mile maintenance package. $324. I probably have "sucker" written on my forhead. BUT, to my defense, I did make them knock about $200 of stuff I know I didn't need. Screw you, mechanics, I can buy my own air filter and change it free of charges for labor. And, I have to say I was displeased with the fact that if they did indeed put more coolant into my car, they didn't put a whole lot--and I even asked for it.



At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Birdie said...

They've been making blue raspberry for at least a year or two now. I was shocked when I saw it too. They even have green apple. It's just not the same, is it? Damn you Tootsie Pop.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

You suck. You didn't get a star!!!


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