Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anthem Magazine Online Treatment

Anthem Magazine Online

The objective of Anthem Magazine Online is to provide readers with a more absorbing magazine. The readers will be able to read complete articles and view all of the pictures featured in the current issue. Alongside the articles will be a blog where readers can comment on the article and share information about relevant issues, ideas, events, or art. Anthem Magazine Online will be a community for the readers. They will no longer be readers reading alone. They are reading with other like-minded people, sharing interests and opinions.

The main page of the magazine will be a directory to the main sections of the magazine: Letter from the Editor, Forward, Features, Style, and Backwards. Links to these sections will be photographs. As each section is chosen, a sub page with more photo links to each article will appear. After clicking onto a particular category, the navigation system becomes a sidebar with smaller photo links to each sub page and remains a sidebar menu within each article.

At the bottom of the articles is a bar that streams recent comments on the article. When the bar is clicked on, it expands to cover half of the screen and displays all of the comments that have been left, along with input boxes for readers to submit their own comments. The comments feature can be minimized back down to the streaming bar. Each article is visually rich and may be published on multiple pages. The comments remain the same on each page of an article.

Text links to the “Letter from the Editor,” “About Anthem,” and “Subscribe” pages will be on every page. Readers will then easily be able to access that information and will not have to search for it.

Spotlights in style, music, art, and film are in the Forward of the magazine. The spotlights are relatively short. They introduce readers to new and unknown artists. The main page of this section is a collage of photo links that direct readers to the mini-articles for each genre. Multiple spotlight articles are placed on one page so readers can compare and contrast.

The main articles of the magazine are in this section. It is the meat of the issue. The main page of this section is a collage of photo links that take readers directly to each article. If the length of the article warrants, readers will have to navigate through two to three pages to read the entire article. It is here where the comments are most important. Feature articles are in-depth stories about style, music, art, film, and photography. The subjects of the articles can focus on socially responsible art or artists, and political art or artists. Here is where the readers will share their comments about the movements in art, their political views, and share ideas or reveal other similar art or artists.

Style is visual. The articles in this section are all photographs with text crediting designers. Like the Features section, the main page here is a collage of photo links taking readers directly to individual articles. The blog element here is not as prolific, but is still present so readers can communicate.

As the Forward’s twin, this section gives information on new events or products. Like the Forward, the main page of this section is photo links directing readers to pages collaged with the mini-articles all dealing with the same genre (such as film, books, art, music, or style). The comments bar will be present.

The letter is accessed from a link on the main page. The purpose of the letter is to share the editor’s perspective with the readers as well as maintain a certain level of authority for the content of the magazine.

This page is accessed through a text link that remains constant on every page of the magazine. It is a simple listing of mailing address and email address.

The page describes Anthem’s mission and gives the nitty gritty about the magazine: who publishes it, who the contributors are, who maintains the site, etc.. “About Anthem” is accessed through a text link that is on every page.

There are input boxes on this page for readers to enter information to start a subscription or to renew. While new readers will have to access this page through the main page text link, current subscribers can access their information, renew, or change their subscription by clicking on the text link that remains on every page in the magazine.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Might I recommend instead of a blog in which readers can comment on the articles and share information about relative issues, ideas, events or art that a message board be set up instead maybe sectioned out into various discussion forums catergorized by the aforementioned topics.

Just a suggestion. You're the designer here. ;-)


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