Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Use Case

Here are the websites my 35 year old Detroit teacher, Deborah Tuttle, visits and the use case for her on the Today Show website. I won't post the character description because it really was wit for wit's sake.

Websites visited by Deborah Tuttle:

Today Show
Deborah’s looking for information on how to submit an idea for a story.

American Quilter Society
Deborah visits this site often. She’s a member of AQS and likes to keep up with the organization and also the trends in quilting.


The user successfully reaches the Today Show website by typing in the mother-website address (the only thing memorable from the quick addresses they give on their broadcast). Information on how to submit a story was found. A second way to submit a story idea was found through the alternative path.

Deborah Tuttle has gone to Upon arrival, she clicks on “Today Show” on top menu.

Deborah wants to be on the Today Show. She’s had yet another crappy day teaching high school students history.


1. User scrolls through home page, skimming the multiple boxes, and the sidebar menu.
2. User clicks on “Do you want to look 10 years younger?” in the “Send Your Questions and Stories” box.
3. System changes pages.
4. User is disappointed that the page is only for submitting a specific story.
5. User clicks on the browser’s back button.
6. System returns to home page.
7. User scrolls through rest of homepage and returns to top.
8. User sees “Email Us” link at top of page and clicks on it.
9. System opens Microsoft Outlook.
10. User doesn’t use Microsoft Outlook, but writes down email address so that she can use it when she opens her free email account with


2. User clicks on “About the Show” at the top of the page in search of photos of Matt Lauer.
3. System changes pages.
4. User scrolls down until she gets to “Story Ideas.”
5. User writes down information.
6. User continues to scroll down—still in search of information and photos of Matt Lauer.
7. User clicks on “MATT LAUER Co-Anchor” link.
8. System changes pages.
9. User reads Matt Lauer’s bio.
10. User closes the browser after reading that Matt Lauer is married with children.

User is happy about finding the information and will be sending her ideas.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Alternate Path Continued:

11. User visits local grocery store and in line reads on tabloid cover that Matt Lauer is cheating on his pregnant wife.

12. User can't remember which one she thinks is more attractive--Matt Lauer or Stone Phillips.

13. User makes mental note to screw the website and google image "Naked Matt Lauer" pictures when kids are tucked in for bed.


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