Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sundays I Write Letters

I don't like a letter to go unanswered. Likewise, I don't like a comment to go unanswered. On Sundays I will write back to those of you who have been so kind as to leave me a comment.


Dear Kendra,
I was frightened when you mentioned my soul possibly being sucked dry by construction companies and demanding makers of bottled sugar water. Is this true? I like my soul a whole lot and don't want anything like that to happen to it. I'm glad that you said that writing every day may prevent it. Thank goodness I agreed to try this daily exercise!


Dear John,
I am not aware of Michelle Shocked's "Anchored down in Anchorage." Excuse me for a moment while I google it.

Whew, I'm back. That search took me from google to msn in an attempt to find a clip of it and finally to amazon where I did find a clip of it. I can only say that thirty seconds isn't enough for me to like or dislike it.



Dear Barclay,
I'm glad that you like Slate. It is a very nice way to get that magazine feeling without having to pay for a subscription, read out-dated ones in a waiting room, or spill coffee on new ones in a bookstore.

I think Digger is seducing me. Every time I see him I become a bit more fond of him and find him cuter.

And, I've never experienced difficulties with Pandora. I guess I've been lucky.


Dear Kendra,
My impersonal best friend's name is Kendra. Her last name even starts with 'b.' That's not the point of this letter, though.

How long do you have to listen to Pandora before it gets to the end of a musical family tree? Do you have more than one artist listed on a station?

Oh, it's 'T. Budnik.' That's my chosen "writing" name. "Heresa" has been good to me, but sometimes it just slows me down. So, you'll be seeing "All the people you think I am" by T. Budnik.



At 9:45 PM, Blogger Kendra_B said...

Dear T.

This other kendra b. frightens me as much as your admission about the possible fate of your soul. I'm used to being the only kendra in the room. We are likely to either be great friends, or great enemies, as the way of the universe goes.

As for your soul... Working in the advertising/branding/creative industry...i wish it much luck. Mine is actually really just fine, clients and all. Perhaps I was a bit glass-half-empty that day. But then again, I had a client turn down the opportunity to work with a world-class animation house that day in favor of a wedding photographer who doesn't even do motion graphics. And all this for a commercial that will air on the WGN superstation.

Oh there it is. My soul TOTALLY hurts.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Wyatt! said...

You write a lot.



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