Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ask me a question.

When I worked at the Palmer Visitor Center throughout high school, I figured I just sent out this vibe that I could answer questions even when I wasn't wearing my name tag. It seemed like I was stopped a whole lot on the street while riding my bike to work the first summer I worked there. That's right folks, I did the good ol' fashioned ride my bike to work 'cause I didn't have my license. Of course I do remember a few evenings when people would pick me up so I wouldn't have to ride home in the rain. (Thanks Mom, Daddy, Kaye, and maybe Bub?) People would ask me for directions. Haha. Now that I've lived in Atlanta, why would you even bother asking for directions in a small town? Drive around enough and you'll find where you need to be.

Well, it's not just a Palmer Visitor Center vibe. A woman at the newest Target asked me my opinion of a frozen chocolate pie and a tiramisu. I hesitated, because obiviously English wasn't her first language and I didn't quite understand what she wanted from me. But she pleaded, "Seriously, help me." So I told her to go with the chocolate pie because the box advertised it was made with Hershey's chocolate and Hershey's chocolate is pretty damn tasty.

One thing I've learned from being asked for a recommendation: people want you to endorse something. They don't want to hear a "Oh, I've never done/tasted/read that." Or a logical answer like, "I've never done/tasted/read that, but if you look at your options one's bound to stick out to you because of your particular preferences." They want to hear, "This one is great!"



At 1:50 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Wow. She wanted you to make the decision for her. What the hell is tiramisu anyway?


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