Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Anthem Magazine Review

Anthem Magazine

The online version of Anthem magazine seems to follow the same style as the print magazine. Some of the print magazine traits don’t seem to work too well online. The font is super tiny. While it’s small in print, too, it’s even more difficult to read small print on a screen. The navigation is easy to use, but there seems to be misuse of space. Each article (or summary of articles) has its own page that doesn’t take up the entire screen. Being a magazine, something to read, I don’t think a bit of scrolling would hurt anyone, or seeing all of the articles under the same category displayed on one page.

The audience for this is probably the readers of Anthem magazine. I would assume that it’s more loyal readers who are looking for a sneak peek at an issue or perhaps they like the magazine when there’s good content and they go online to look at it so they can decide whether they want to pay for the magazine or not. Maybe the online readers find the scent of the printed magazine offensive. I sure do. Flipping through the magazine, it’s got a funky smell—a smell that’s stronger than the normal slick magazine paper smell.

The people who read Anthem are probably people who are interested in learning about new trends from other sources besides the mainstream. They’re willing to do stray from the norm and they have hold values about the art, music, and fashion that they enjoy and participate in. They want substance to their style.

I’m having a hard time reading anything on the website. The typeface, size, and amount are too much for me. I did try reading a portion of the copy on the main page and I read “modem hero.” Upon further investigation (bringing my nose about 2 inches from my screen) I realized it was “mode-r-n hero.” Oh.

One problem I have with the music section of the website is that as soon as you click on the link, it immediately playing music. If I’m going to sample music, I like to have time to turn whatever I’m listening to off so I can focus on the sample.

The content and style of this online magazine seem to follow the print version, but there are a few things that don’t quite translate. I think the style can be tweaked a bit to make it a bit more user friendly without losing the style and substance that the print magazine presents.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Dude, do I need to teach you how to create a hypertext link in a blog now too? ;-) I can't get to this Anthem Magazine you speak of.


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